Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mother's Day 2012: Kissed By Two Angels

Davis, CA -- The original plan for Mother's Day was to go swimming at U.C. Davis' "rec" pool with my two children now 21 and 22.  The forecast was for a 90 degree day.  When we got to Davis from Basecamp, it was overcast and windy, not a good day for lounging poolside.  Jordan said he had a surprise for me. "Let's go to the Whole Earth Festival, there's a bunch of hippies there, you'll love it." He was right, I did love it...what's not to like?  Live music, great food, interesting vendors, all in one cool place.  The highlight of the event was when Haley said, "let's give mom a kiss," and they each went on one side of me and held the kiss while someone snapped the picture.   Sigh.  Why can't everyday be Mother's Day?

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