Monday, May 21, 2012

Mill Valley Fundraiser: The Fourth Messenger

Mill Valley, CA -- What if the Buddha were a woman and she was alive today? How would the world view her life and teachings differently? The Fourth Messenger is a new musical that asks these questions.  Playwright Tanya Shaffer held a fundraiser to promote her upcoming production on a spring afternoon at Hillside Gardens, a sweet spot in ├╝ber-hip Mill Valley.  I joined about 80 people, most of whom were wearing wide-brim hats for this joyful outdoor event celebrating music, great food catered by Savory Thymes and the life of Buddha—who was both enlightened and flawed.  Tanya’s a pillar of dedication—she’s been working on this production for almost 13 years.  When I asked what kept her inspired she said, “It’s like raising your children, you don’t have a choice.”   Awe shucks Tanya, we all have a choice...right?   Still, I salute your unwavering dedication to following your dream.  We are the lucky ones.  Namaste.

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