Thursday, November 24, 2011

Guest Chef: Cooking From The Heart

Guest Chef Vera R. Ciammetti
Oakland, CA – Here’s a novel idea for all you foodies out there: a restaurant that features a new chef every two weeks. The folks at Guest Chef on College Avenue in Oakland are on to something.  Last night I had a simple, yet flavorful meal cooked by Chef Vera R. Ciammeti: salad greens with butternut squash; hot spaghetti aglio e olio con pepperoncini; and a glass of red wine.  The dining room is intimate with seats for only 16 – 20 guests, creating an inviting family-style experience.  Chef Vera came by with samples of lasagna and to check on our dining experience.  Heck, even Pablo Voitzuk, who pimps Pacific Sun Olive Oil, the extra virgin olive oil that Chef Vera uses exclusively, came by to say hi.  At about $9 per plate, this is the best deal in town.  Don’t wait too long—Chef Vera’s run at Guest Chef finishes on December 4.  

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