Thursday, January 14, 2010

California State Capitol: Gallantry Lives On

Sacramento, CA -- The camellias are budding, the oranges are ready for picking and Arnold is finally taking down his Christmas tree—just another day in the Golden State’s capitol building. While the mild 60 degree climate is inviting, the draw for me is inside the dome. After passing through the metal detector I am now standing in what could be the most romantic notion in government. It is the marble statue of Queen Isabella and Christopher Columbus—a testament to her belief in his mission.

He is kneeling by her side and she is draped in a form fitting gown, a crown atop her head. Etched in marble are these words, “I will assume the undertaking,” she said, “for my own crown of Castile, and am ready to pawn my jewels to defray the expenses of it, if the funds in the treasury shall be found inadequate.”

Is there a cause in your life that you believe in with all your heart, that you would pawn your jewels? 

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