Thursday, November 5, 2009

Do Something With Your Life: Strategic Planning

BERKELEY, CA – “If you want change, the first thing you have to change is yourself,” said political strategist and organizer Larry Tramultola. “Don’t be afraid to take an unconventional path—do something with your life.” Larry is a guest speaker at my daughter’s Political Science class at Berkeley’s venerated Wheeler Hall, sharing with 350 eager students his sage wisdom on living a life of joy and purpose.

Larry is the CEO and founder of Oakland firm Tramultola, and has helped clients win over 400 elections including 247 tax elections that have produced more than $25 billion in community improvements. He is also the author of Sidewalk Strategies – Seven Winning Steps for Candidates, Causes and Communities. He worked alongside United Farm Workers' Union icon Cesar Chavez for 11 years as an organizer, a job that began at $5 a month and ended at the same pay scale. “I did it because I was committed to the cause and it gave me joy,” said the ever-youthful, salt-and-pepper-haired Stanford graduate. “There is a safe path to security and an unsafe path to change,” he said. Here are some of his insights:

• Work for what you believe in—find the thing you love. Have passion for what you do.
• Develop the ability to listen—people who are successful listen and observe.
• Look for ways to make others effective—you can’t succeed without others. Find a way to inspire.
• Never give up—most people lose before they win. The most interesting places are off the beaten path. You learn more when you fail.

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